Theoretical Astrophysics

Theoretical Nuclear Astrophysics activities range from nuclear physics issues (e.g. cross section predictions for strong and weak interaction processes and properties of nuclei far from stability) to numerical simulations of explosive astrophysical events (e.g. supernovae , X-ray bursts, and binary neutron star mergers). A major focus exists on nucleosynthesis contributions of these objects to galactic evolution.

The stable and neutron-rich unstable nuclides
Type Ia Supernova

Computational Astrophysics

Macroscopic phenomena in nature - in astrophysics and on Earth - often originate from the interaction of tightly coupled microscopic processes with different characteristic length and time scales. We develop efficient transport/hydrodynamics algorithms in the context of gravitational collapse and supernova explosions. A reliable numerical link between the input physics and the observables in distant astrophysical objects provides new information about matter under otherwise inaccessible conditions, or vice versa, allows the prediction of a large-scale evolution based on well-known input physics.

Observational Astronomy

Topics of interest range from wide binary star statistics in our Galaxy, the structure and distribution of dwarf galaxies, the morphology of galaxies in general, and near-field cosmology. Most of our recent work is based on the Sloan Digital Sky Survey database.

Southern group dwarf galaxies

Related research projects

Title Principal Researcher Co-Researcher Status Start date End date
SPH-EXA: Optimizing Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics for Exascale Computing (1-year extension to previous 2017-2020 project)Cabezon, Ruben M.;Ciorba, Florina M.;Mayer, LucioCavelan, Aurélien Ongoing 01.07.2020 30.06.2021
SPH-EXA: Optimizing Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics for Exascale ComputingCiorba, Florina M.Cabezon, Ruben M.;Imbert, David;Mayer, Lucio Complete 01.07.2017 30.06.2020
Probing the structure of neighbouring galaxy groups with newly discovered dwarf galaxies Binggeli, Bruno Complete 01.10.2016 31.08.2018
eScience Coordination Team eSCTSchwede, Torsten Complete 01.01.2015 30.06.2019
DIAPHANE: A common platform for application-independent Radiative Transport in astrophysical simulationsThielemann, Friedrich-KarlLiebendörfer, Matthias Complete 01.01.2015 31.12.2017
Astrophysical Processes, their Simulation and Related Nuclear Physics IssuesThielemann, Friedrich-KarlLiebendörfer, Matthias Complete 01.10.2014 31.12.2016
Stars, Stellar Explosions, and the Origin of the ElementsThielemann, Friedrich-KarlMeynet, Georges;Charbonnel, Corinne;Panov, Igor;Mishenina, Tamara Complete 01.04.2014 31.07.2017
Near Field Cosmology with Southern Group Dwarf Galaxies Binggeli, Bruno Complete 01.03.2013 30.09.2016
FaInt Supernovae and Hypernovae: Mechanism and NucleosynthesisThielemann, Friedrich-Karl Complete 01.01.2013 31.12.2016
Astrophysical Processes, their Simulation and Related Nuclear Physics IssuesThielemann, Friedrich-KarlPignatari, Marco Complete 01.10.2012 30.09.2014
"Aspects of Chemical Evolution" An Inter-CRP EuroGenesis Mini- WorkshopThielemann, Friedrich-KarlDiehl, Roland;Jose, Jordi;Korn, Andreas;Cherchneff-Parrinello, Isabelle Complete 01.11.2011 31.12.2011
EUROPEAN NUCLEAR SCIENCE and APPLICATIONS RESEARCHThielemann, Friedrich-KarlHeenen, Jean-Paul;Dobaczewski, Jacek;Leeb, Helmut;Weise, Wolfram Complete 01.01.2011 31.12.2015
Astrophysical Processes, their Simulation and Related Nuclear Physics Issues Thielemann, Friedrich-KarlLiebendörfer, Matthias;Pignatari, Marco Complete 01.10.2010 31.12.2012
Synthesis of Heavy Elements in Core Collapse Supernova and their Imprint on Galactic Chemical Evolution. Thielemann, Friedrich-Karl Complete 01.01.2010 31.12.2013
Productive 3D models of stellar explosions Liebendörfer, Matthias Complete 01.01.2010 31.12.2012
Multi-Dimensional Supernova Models and the Prediction of Observables from Different Explosion Mechanisms.Liebendörfer, Matthias Complete 01.09.2009 31.08.2011
Astrophysical Processes, their simulation and related nuclear physics issues Thielemann, Friedrich-KarlLiebendörfer, Matthias;Rauscher, Thomas Complete 01.10.2008 30.09.2010
Weite Doppelsternpaare als Testkörper zur Untersuchung gravitativer Kräfte bei mittelgrossen Distanzen Binggeli, Bruno Complete 01.08.2008 31.07.2010
Astrophysical Processes, their simulation and related nuclear physics issues Thielemann, Friedrich-KarlKolbe, Edwin;Liebendörfer, Matthias;Rauscher, Thomas Complete 01.10.2006 30.09.2008
Die Stellare Korrelationsfunktion aus SDSS-Daten: Statistische Suche nach weiten Doppelsternpaaren Binggeli, Bruno Complete 01.08.2006 31.07.2008
Internationales Graduiertenkolleg..... Thielemann, Friedrich-Karl Complete 30.06.2008
Concise numerical algorithms in supernova dynamics: Paving the way to the exploration of astrophysical phenomena as scientific laboratoriesLiebendörfer, Matthias Complete 31.08.2009
SCOPES - (JRP) The role of neutrons Thielemann, Friedrich-Karl Complete 31.12.2008
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