3D Core collapse Supernova simulation. This simulation uses the Advanced Spectral Leakage as neutrino treatment with 20 energy bins and 3 neutrino species. The simulation follows the catastrophic collapse of a 15 solar masses star, the subsequent formation of a proto-neutron star, and the stalling of the resulting accretion shock. The video shows a thin cut along the X-Y plane, and each sector uses a color code to show different magnitudes. Form top-left in clockwise order: temperature, logarithm of baryonic density, electron abundance, entropy.

Head-on collision of two identical sub-CH White Dwarf stars simulated with 2D-cylindrical symmetry. The video start when the collision has already happened and follows the detonation front that occurs on top of high-density + high-temperature shock waves, until the whole system is destroyed in a Type Ia Supernova event.

3D Simulation of the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability with 4 million particles. All particles are projected in the X-Y plane.

3D simulation of a supersonic wind interacting with a high density bubble in pressure equilibrium. This test was traditionally problematic for SPH codes, as they were not able to completely destroy the bubble, as Eulerian codes do. The inclusion of generalized volume elements and the integral approach to the derivatives solve this problem. This simulation uses 3 million particles and the video shows a cut along the Y-Z and the X-Z planes. No rendering is applied. Every dot is a SPH particle in the plane.